How does work for you?
Purpose of
- To better inform apartments who is sending prospects to their community.
- To ensure management they are paying commissions for services rendered.
- To improve the commuication with apartment locators.
- Automated registration system.
- Locator marketing tool.
- Interfaced with multiple locator tools.
- Track your prospects easily.
How it works for apartment locators.
Using ApartmentRegistration has never been easier. Simply follow these easy steps and make your apartment locating job more reliable and efficient. It is free so there is no reason not to use it!
1. Register your customer at
2. Check for conflicts with other locators.
3. Use any apartment locating tool you wish.
4. Register your customer at apartment communities using
5. Change and edit the properties where your customers are registered.
6. Check online daily for customers leasing at the properties where you registered them.
7. Apartment community completes the online lease verification.
8. You are done!
Let us help improve the communication between apartment communities and locators.
Get paid for your work and only pay for work provided!
Lease Verifications.
Is everyone tired of the lease verification? We have automated the process. No more faxing it, losing it, fax doesn't work, can't read it, etc...Now its online!!
How it works for apartment communities.
ApartmentRegistration offers convenience and accuracy. Simply follow these easy steps and have confidence you are paying only for services rendered.
1. Notify the locating companies you are using
2. Check online daily for customers registered at your property.
3. Discover who sent customers to your property.
4. Use to notify locators their customer visited your property.
5. Use to notify locators their customer leased.
6. Complete online lease verification with ease.
7. Run activity reports.
8. You are done!
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